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Adopt A Sled Dog!

Every season some members of our team reach their golden years and need loving "retirement" homes. While it sad for us to see them go, giving them an opportunity at a couch and family of their own is important. These dogs are extremely well socialized and make wonderful family pets, without the challenges of puppy hood. All of our dogs are very unique, some making awesome hiking partners and some finding life on the couch just fine, its our goal to match the right dog with the right family.

These dogs are part or our family and they always have a home with us. If you adopt a dog from our kennel please remember they are not a rescue. If for any reason and at any time you are unable to keep the dog they must be brought home to us . We will find them a new home and if unsuccessful we will care for them for the rest of their life. If your adopted sled dog does become a permanent member of your family they come with an added security that few adopted dogs have. They have a home with us at any time. So if your new dog cannot go on an upcoming family vacation or extended trip we will take care of them until you return for $10 a day.

That being said, Siberian huskies are NOT a breed for everyone and we encourage you to do some research before adopting one of our dogs. Below are some helpful links and our frequently asked questions page, which will give you a better idea if you are right for a retired sled dog. If you and your family feel like you are ready to invite one of our dogs into your life, please call 970-453-PULL to schedule an adoption appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adopting a Sled Dog

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Breckenridge Colorado Adopt a Sled Dog


Every season some members of our team reach their golden years and need loving "retirement" homes. Learn more about adopting.

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