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Frequently Asked Questions

About Adopting a Sled Dog

Here we try to answer some of the basic questions folks have when considering adopting a dog. Unfortunately the answer to most of these is "Maybe!" Siberian huskies are very independent and have strong personalities. Our dogs are very unique and differ greatly when it comes to personality, exercise requirements and training ability, making it difficult to answer questions in a general sense. This is why It is imperative to set up an adoption meeting so we can best help you find a dog that fits your situation and answer questions based on a particular dog. Our commitment to these amazing athletes means that we will be up front and honest about their personality traits, good and bad, all we ask is that YOU are honest with us about your situation and ability to care for one of our dogs. If one of our current dogs is not a good fit, we'd be happy to put you on a waiting list until one is!

Do sled dogs make good house pets?

Absolutely, with a little time and patience that is! While our dogs are used to living outside and being working dogs, most transition easily to life on a couch. We won't tell you it won't take some training and patience, but the effort is well worth the reward.

How old are they when they retire?

Anywhere from 7 to 10 years old, Siberians have a life span of 12-14 years. On occasion we also adopt out younger dogs for various reasons.

Are they housebroken?

Not exactly. While all dogs have an instinct not to eliminate in their "den" or house, it may take a little while to teach your sled dog they have a much bigger, sweeter doghouse! Accidents may happen, but housebreaking does not seem to be difficult for our previous adoptees.

Does it cost anything to adopt a sled dog?

We do not charge anything for our dogs. We want them to find a good home and don't need to make money off their good fortune in finding a home. We do however suggest a $100 donation that we will give to a dog charity of our choice. This allows you to give back to the K9 community and it shows us you can afford a new dog. 

Will they still want to run?

Yes! Each of our dogs will have slightly different exercise requirements, from a daily walk around the block, to a 5 mile run. These dogs are bred to travel and for the first few weeks new owners must be diligent on keeping them close. Huskies are very pack orientated however, and don't like to live solo but need an adjustment period to learn who their new "pack" is. A fenced yard, walk on a leash, or a dog park are great way to exercise you new friend safely. While some of our alumni are awesome running loose, some may never be able to be trusted off leash.

Are they good with kids?

Yes, while some of our dogs are more outgoing with children, most have been running on commercial tours and meeting kids of all ages their whole lives. That being said NO DOG should be trusted around young children without supervision. Our dogs are large and strong and some have food aggression, prey instinct and other issues, which need to be monitored


Are they spayed/neutered?

Most often our dogs are still intact. We find that altering them has an affect on their ability to be sled dogs. While we highly suggest our adopters spay or neuter their pet to help with behavioral issues and to make sure we don't add any unwanted dogs into the local shelters, we can't require it. We do on occasion have fixed dogs available.

Are they hard to train?

Yes and no. While huskies as a breed require more work to train than say a Golden Retriever, our sled dogs are accustomed to having the humans be in charge. They do however need exercise, discipline, and boundaries to make them a well behaved pet. We highly encourage picking up a dog training book and doing some research on training methods before adopting a new dog. We are also always available for advice, we want to see our kids succeed as much as you do!

Do they have papers?

Yes, most do. We run and huskies exclusively here at Snow Caps. That being said we do get dogs from other kennels, shelters, and breeders occasionally so we do have a few un papered dogs here and there.

Are they current on shots?

Yes, all of our dogs are up to date on their shots, vaccinated by our veterinarian on a regular basis. We will happy to give you all of your dogs records so you can continue their care with the vet of your choosing.

How much does it cost to adopt?

Nothing. We do not ask for an adoption fee for a reason, we feel these dogs have earned their chance at a retirement home long ago, and would rather that money be put to buying them treats and toys! Please do not underestimate the cost of dog ownership however, as many expenses can be ignored in looking at a cute furry face. Food, vaccines, vet visits, treats, leashes, crates, bedding, and training aids can add up quickly! If you want to make a donation, the money will go to advertising and care for our dogs up for adoption. A donation to your local husky rescue is also a great way to give back.

Do you adopt out of state?

Yes. We have adopted dogs to owners from all over the country. We will not however adopt to someone we haven't talked to face to face. We feel we owe it to our furry buddies to make sure the home we're sending them to is a good fit and its hard to do that over the phone.

What if it doesn't work out?

While we try and fit dogs and owners as best as we can, sometimes things just don't work out. In the event you must give up your dog and cannot find an appropriate home, the dog MUST return to us. These dogs are our family. We LOVE these dogs and have a to them that they will NEVER end up in a shelter. They will always have a home with us here at the dog yard.

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