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Tug & Tow


Every summer when the snow melts and the sleds are put away, I would dust off my bike or Mountain Scooter and have my favorite lead dogs pull me around the trails. Although I loved running the dogs, there was one nagging problem with the sport of bike-joring that had plagued me for years. If you forget to watch the line in front of you it can cause all kinds of problems. The line can get caught in your tire, tangling and ruining the line, or sometimes if I was really unlucky the line would bind the front tire and send me over the handlebars face first into the dirt.

I looked at my options on the market to fix this problem, but was unable to find a device that solved the potentially dangerous problem. I wanted something that would recoil the line when it became slack. I began building a device that we could use at our kennel, and that is how the TUG & TOW was born. After two years of modifications and testing, I bring you the Tug & Tow.

Tug N Tow Tug line for scooters and bikes

The Tug & Tow is tug line recoil for your bike or scooter. Basically it’s a retractable leash for you bike on steroids.

  • → It attaches easily to most bikes, carts or scooters.
  • → Keeps the line out of your tire
  • → It has an open design so you can check your line every time to know that it’s not going to break on you.
  • → The Tug & Tow saves momentum. Rather than hitting the brakes immediately when you begin to overtake your dogs, you can now draw that line in and ride up next to them. When you lose speed they can keep running until the line catches saving all that momentum. It is less wasted energy from your hard working dog(s).
  • → The device can hold up to 2,000 lbs and the rope on the basic model can hold up to 1,000 lbs. That’s enough to hold an eight dog cart team.
  • → You can change your line easily. You can replace the line with any length you want as needed, and there is no need to buy another device just because your line is worn out. You can buy a replacement or custom line from us or make one of your own with your favorite type/color rope.
  • → The Tug & Tow can recoil up to 8ft of 1/4; inch line and up to 12ft if you use a 3/16 high strength cord.
  • → It is made from the same type of polycarbonate plastic that football helmets are made of.
  • → Now you can purchase your own Tug & Tow!
  • Included in Tug N Tow Package:                              11 year old on scooter with Tug N Tow:

See it in Action!

Click here to Check out more videos,

including Instructional videos on YouTube!



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A retractable leash for your bike on steroids. Read more about our own invention,
the Tug & Tow.

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